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Frequently Asked Questions

It assists you in discovering your strengths and potential, and guides you towards the best succeeding possibility.

This depends on the country and university you’re applying to. We encourage you to get in touch with our counselors for more details.

No. We provide our counseling services free of any charge.

We recommend you begin your application process at least a year in advance to give enough time for your applications to be processed and to prepare for your time overseas. Please bear in mind that the academic year begins at different times of year in different countries.

You may be permitted to work while on an international student visa. Before you undertake any paid work, you need to make sure that your visa allows it.

Yes, but this solely depends on the university’s standards you’re applying to. We recommend you get in touch with our counselors to find out more about your case.

Yes. However, this varies depending on the subject and university.

Obtaining health insurance is critical for an overseas student. Getting one is always preferable.

Yes. Executive Study Abroad hosts a pre-departure program to help students ensure that they are properly educated and equipped before flying internationally.

Have specific questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with our counselors for a more elaborate experience.